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Are Miami Dolphins a Popular Team?

Are Miami Dolphins a Popular Team?

When it comes to popularity in the NFL, the name that immediately comes to many minds is teams like the Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots, as suggested by their massive international fanbases. But, another team that's made significant strides in the popularity race is the Miami Dolphins, particularly in the UK and Europe. Let's dive into it.

The NFL has exploded in popularity over the past five decades. Today, an NFL game garners an average viewership of 16.5 million, with events like the Super Bowl pulling in over 100 million viewers. Even as the League continues its battle to gather a worldwide audience rivalling Soccer or Basketball, certain teams like the Miami Dolphins have managed to extend their fanbase beyond American borders.

In England, the Miami Dolphins have been a standout team, especially with their matches in London. From 2007 onwards, the Dolphins have graced the English grounds multiple times, playing against teams like the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders. They have a popularity rating of 27% in London, which is considerable given the rich tapestry of sports teams in the UK.

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