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Have the Chiefs Been to the Super Bowl? Your Ultimate Betting Guide for Chiefs' Super Bowl History

Have the Chiefs Been to the Super Bowl? Your Ultimate Betting Guide for Chiefs' Super Bowl History

If you're navigating the stormy waters of NFL bets, searching through the turbulent nfl odds, or looking for that perfect nfl tipster on telegram, you've landed in the right place. Have the Kansas City Chiefs graced the Super Bowl with their presence? Let's dive right in.

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Appearances

The Kansas City Chiefs have made an appearance in the Super Bowl five times. Here are their stats:

Kansas City Chiefs 1/15/1967 Super Bowl KCKC @ GBGB L 10-35 1 1 17 239 361 - -
Kansas City Chiefs 1/11/1970 Super Bowl KCKC vs MINMIN W 23-7 1 2 18 273 239 - -
Kansas City Chiefs 2/2/2020 Super Bowl KCKC vs SFSF W 31-20 1 4 26 397 351 42.9% 66.7%
Kansas City Chiefs 2/7/2021 Super Bowl KCKC @ TBTB L 9-31 1 0 22 350 340 23.1% 33.3%
Kansas City Chiefs 2/12/2023 Super Bowl KCKC @ PHIPHI W 38-35 1 5 21 340 417 50.0% -

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