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Hello and welcome to another riveting week of NFL action here at As your trusted source for NFL odds, NFL tips, free NFL picks, and expert NFL predictions, we're gearing up for a colossal clash in Week 2: The Atlanta Falcons vs the Green Bay Packers. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty details of this showdown with our NFL computer picks, which run 1 million simulations for each pick. But first, a little intro for newcomers!

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We are in our first year as NFL analysts and sports analysts, but we come packed with a statistical model that boasted an 80% accuracy in last year's NFL season (2022). Our simulations and statistical approaches are commonly used in financial risk management, ensuring the lowest risk and the highest probability of winning each pick. Join our free picks telegram channel here.

Last week, our 11 NFL Computer Picks were placed in the app bet365, and we won 7 of them, reaching an accuracy rate of 64%. We made a staggering +20% returns on the initial bank. Expect more of this in NFL Week 2 and beyond.

The Atlanta Falcons vs The Green Bay Packers: A Historical Overview

Atlanta Falcons

Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Falcons call the Mercedes-Benz Stadium home, a modern marvel boasting a retractable roof and a 360-degree video board.

History & Fun Facts

  • The Falcons have appeared in the Super Bowl twice, though they have yet to clinch the title.
  • Legendary Falcons player Deion Sanders was one of the few athletes to excel in multiple sports, also having a successful baseball career.

Narrated Expectations

Last week's performance was a mixed bag for the Falcons, and the team is keen on balancing their offense and defense to bring more equilibrium to their gameplay.

Green Bay Packers

Stadium: Lambeau Field

One of the most iconic NFL stadiums, Lambeau Field is known as the "Frozen Tundra." The Packers' home advantage here is unparalleled, especially in winter months.

History & Fun Facts

  • With 13 league championships, the most in NFL history, the Packers are a team synonymous with success.
  • Packers' fans are unique in that they own the team, the only community-owned team in the NFL.

Narrated Expectations

After a strong start in Week 1, the Packers are looking like a force to be reckoned with this season. They'll be leaning on their strong defense and Aaron Rodgers' veteran leadership.

NFL Computer Picks and Predictions

After a detailed statistical analysis, we've conducted various tests with sample sizes of 33 games, 18 games, and 8 games of historical data for each team. Our NFL computer predictions ran this particular matchup over a million times.


95% of the time, the minimum expected points scored in this game was 33 points. Therefore, if the Las Vegas lines start to look attractive for your risk aversion, keep in mind that in 950,000 simulated games, the final score estimates an OVER 33 FOR THIS GAME.

This kind of high-level analysis gives you an unparalleled advantage in NFL betting, whether you're looking at the NFL spread, NFL line, or considering NFL score predictions.

In Closing

Don't forget, we offer Free NFL player props, insights into NFL schedule today, and more. At SmartWinBets, we don't just give you NFL winners, we provide a full-fledged NFL free expert analysis, backed by over 3 million total simulations.

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