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Welcome back to, your trusted source for NFL tips, NFL odds, and NFL game winner predictions. As NFL Week 2 is upon us, the spotlight is on the Dallas Cowboys facing off against the New York Jets. Just like we did last week, our statistical model—which has an 80% accuracy rate from the 2022 season—will guide you through over a million simulations to make the smartest bets.

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Our model is based on financial risk management theories, which aim to minimize risks while maximizing returns. This means every NFL pick we provide has undergone rigorous analysis to ensure the highest probability of success.

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The Matchup: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Jets

Dallas Cowboys

Stadium: AT&T Stadium

Known as "Jerry's World," the AT&T Stadium has one of the largest video boards and is a modern marvel in architecture and fan engagement.

History & Fun Facts:

  • The Cowboys have a staggering five Super Bowl championships.
  • Dallas is home to several Hall of Fame players, including Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

Narrated Expectations:

Dallas looks formidable this season, with eyes set firmly on a playoff berth. Their offense is expected to light up scoreboards across the league.

New York Jets

Stadium: MetLife Stadium

MetLife, shared with the Giants, has state-of-the-art facilities and can hold over 82,000 fans.

History & Fun Facts:

  • The Jets achieved glory once with their famous Super Bowl III win.
  • Joe Namath, the Jets' Hall of Fame quarterback, famously "guaranteed" that Super Bowl win.

Narrated Expectations:

The Jets are considered underdogs this season but could surprise a few with their young, emerging talents. Expectations are modest but optimistic.

NFL Computer Picks & Predictions

After performing statistical analysis with sample sizes of 33, 18, and 8 games for both teams, here are our findings:


After running this matchup through more than a million simulations, 95% of the outcomes showed that the minimum expected points scored in this game is 30 points. If Las Vegas lines start intriguing you, remember that 950,000 simulations have estimated a final score OVER 30 FOR THIS GAME.

Concluding Thoughts

Given that we're early in the season, historical ratios indicate that under bets tend to be safer. However, our more than 3 million total simulations suggest value in minimum expected total points for each game.

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May your bets be smart and your wins be big! 🏈🎉


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