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The Best Live Bets for Raiders vs Broncos 2023 NFL Week 1: Total Points Free Predictions – Free NFL Picks and Computer Picks at

Greetings, fellow NFL fans and punters! Welcome back to, where we bring you the most meticulously researched nfl picks and nfl odds. Though it's our first year as NFL analysts, our statistical model boasts a whopping 80% accuracy in last year’s NFL season, 2022. Intrigued? Then join our Free Picks Telegram Channel for real-time updates.

Our Unbeatable Strategy

Just so you know, every prediction we make is backed by 1 million simulations, using risk management methodologies commonly applied in the financial sector. This ensures that every pick has the lowest risk of failure and the highest probability of being spot-on.

Week 1 Matchup: Las Vegas Raiders vs Denver Broncos

The Stadium: Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Raiders call the brand-new Allegiant Stadium their home—a venue that personifies luxury and the glitz of Las Vegas. With its retractable roof and translucent exterior, it offers a game-day experience like no other.

Team Analysis

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • Fun Fact: The Raiders have moved cities multiple times, from Oakland to Los Angeles and back to Oakland, before finally settling in Las Vegas.
  • Expert Insights: The Raiders have seen some ups and downs in recent years but have a talented roster that can surprise many this season.

Denver Broncos:

  • Fun Fact: The Broncos have the longest streak of consecutive sell-outs, dating back to 1970.
  • Expert Insights: After a few years of being under the radar, the Broncos are showing signs of resurgence, particularly on defense.

Numbers Don’t Lie

After rigorous statistical analysis with sample sizes of 32, 17, and 8 games for each team, our simulations revealed that 95% of the time, the game's total points would exceed 30. So if the Las Vegas betting lines spark your interest, our simulations suggest going OVER 30 FOR THIS GAME in 950,000 out of 1 million simulations.

Parting Words

We hope you leverage our expert nfl predictions, sports betting strategies, and nfl betting trends to win big this NFL season. We provide a broad spectrum of NFL insights, including NFL player props, NFL over under, and even NFL divisional game specifics.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the nfl schedule today and check back for more expert tips and free NFL player props. Until next time, Smart Win Bets wishes you lucrative wagers and a ton of excitement this NFL season!

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