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Welcome back to, your go-to platform for the most calculated NFL game winner predictions. As we dive into Week 2 of the 2023 NFL season, all eyes are on tonight's epic Thursday Night Football face-off between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings. This is more than just another game on the NFL schedule today; it's an NFL divisional game where historical rivalries and current form collide. Buckle up as we guide you through our expert NFL predictions based on the most sophisticated statistical models.

Why Smartwinbets?

We're a team of analysts who’ve been running a statistical model since 2019, and it’s our first year in the limelight as NFL analysts. We have an impressive track record, with an 80% accuracy rate for the 2022 NFL season. Our statistical approaches are based on models widely accepted in financial risk management. What does that mean for you? Every single NFL pick we provide has the lowest risk of failing while offering the highest probability of minimizing the difference between our projections and real results.

In the first week of NFL Season 2023, the Smartwinbets Bank (Follow it on Instagram) gained +20% returns on the initial bank, with an accuracy rate of 64%. Our 11 NFL Computer Picks were placed on Bet365, and we won 7 of them. We're expecting to strike gold in Week 2 with our well-researched betting strategy. For more real-time updates, join our free picks Telegram channel.

Setting the Stage: Lincoln Financial Field

Before we jump into the details, let’s set the scene. The Eagles will host the Vikings at the iconic Lincoln Financial Field, a stadium famous for its intense atmosphere and passionate fan base. Did you know the ‘Linc’ was one of the first NFL stadiums to generate its own renewable energy? Now, that’s a win for sustainability!

The Teams: Eagles and Vikings

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles, the 2018 Super Bowl champions, are looking to find their old form this season. Their young squad, filled with budding NFL stars, makes them unpredictable and exciting to watch. They have a tendency for late-game heroics, adding an extra layer of excitement to NFL gameday.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have a storied history but have often been the nearly-men in NFL lore. With a solid roster and strategic depth, they are looking to go deep into the postseason this year. Expect some hard-hitting NFL player props and a dynamic offensive strategy that’s sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Our Exclusive Smartwinbets Analysis

After rigorous statistical analysis and tests based on sample sizes from 33 games, 18 games, and 8 games of historical data for each team, here's what we found:

After simulating this matchup over a million times, we can confidently say that 95% of the time, the minimum expected points scored will be 38. Therefore, if the Las Vegas NFL odds start looking too good to resist, keep in mind that in 950,000 simulated games, the final score points to an OVER 38 FOR THIS GAME.

The Philadelphia Eagles are winning on NFL week 2 Thursday Night Football.

Wrapping Up

Don’t forget, historical ratios suggest that under bets are generally safer at the beginning of the season.  A facts is smartwinbets has the best NFL Computer Picks with over 3 million total simulations, you can also find value in betting on minimum expected total points.

That’s a wrap for our NFL free expert analysis today. For more NFL tips, nfl lock picks, nfl over under, and sports betting insights, keep an eye on Feel free to explore our other NFL predictions this weekend and join our free Telegram channel for timely updates.

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