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Welcome back to, where we offer you the best NFL odds, NFL tips, and NFL game winner predictions for the 2023 NFL season. Our focus today is the captivating Week 2 showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers.

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Our NFL computer picks are generated through 1 million simulations, offering an 80% accuracy in last year's 2022 NFL season. Our statistical model has been in the making since 2019, and this is our inaugural year as NFL analysts. The methods we use are also commonly employed in financial risk management, which minimizes your betting risks.

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Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers: The Deep Dive

Los Angeles Rams

Stadium: SoFi Stadium

Home to the Rams, SoFi Stadium is the epitome of luxury and the newest stadium in the NFL.

History & Fun Facts

  • The Rams boast three NFL championships.
  • The "Fearsome Foursome" is one of the most legendary defensive lines in NFL history.

Narrated Expectations

The Rams have high expectations for 2023. After their 2021 Super Bowl appearance, they're looking for another deep playoff run.

San Francisco 49ers

Stadium: Levi's Stadium

Known for its green initiatives, Levi’s Stadium is a marvel of modern technology.

History & Fun Facts

  • The 49ers have a stellar legacy with 5 Super Bowl titles.
  • Legendary QB Joe Montana played for the Niners from 1979-1992.

Narrated Expectations

The 49ers are viewed as dark horses in the Super Bowl contention this season. Their potent offense and defense make them a team to watch.

NFL Computer Picks and Betting Insights

Our in-depth statistical analysis for this match-up utilized sample sizes of 33 games, 18 games, and 8 games for each team.


After running over a million simulations, we found that 95% of the time, the minimum expected total points scored in this game will be 30 points. So, if the Las Vegas lines are getting you excited, in 950,000 simulated games, the final score indicates an OVER 30 FOR THIS GAME.

Concluding Remarks

Early in the season, under bets are often safer, but our model, with its 3 million-plus simulations, suggests value in targeting the minimum expected total points.

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