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Who will win Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots? Get the best NFL Odds, NFL predictions & free NFL Computer Picks in!

Welcome to another exhilarating preview from, the pinnacle destination for those seeking a confluence of insightful NFL analysis and data-driven predictions. This week's NFL schedule throws us a tantalizing matchup: Dallas Cowboys taking on the New England Patriots. So, gear up for a deep dive into team histories, stadium vibes, and of course, our famed NFL computer picks.

The Historic Rivalry: Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots

  • The Venue: The magnificent AT&T Stadium, known as "Jerry's World", will be echoing with the chants of Cowboys fans. This architectural marvel stands in stark contrast to the legacy-laden Gillette Stadium, a fortress for the Patriots.
  • Dallas Cowboys: "America's Team", as they are affectionately called, have embedded themselves deep into the NFL history with their iconic blue star. With their impressive NFL stats and 5 Super Bowl titles, they've given us countless unforgettable gameday moments.
  • New England Patriots: The Patriots, synonymous with the NFL playoff culture, have a heritage filled with strategic prowess and a winning mindset. With six Super Bowl rings, they've set high standards in the realm of NFL winners.

The Duel on the Gridiron: Predictions, Tips, and More

As the NFL today witnesses another chapter in this storied rivalry, there's more than just pride on the line. Let's consult our nfl computer predictions:

  • The Power of Data: Having trained our statistical model since 2019, we've run over 1 million simulations for this very pick. The outcome? The Cowboys have the edge with a predicted score of 27 to Patriots' 20. This projection brings forth a whopping 78.48% chance of a Cowboys' victory, making it one of the top nfl picks this weekend.
  • Betting Insights: For those dabbling in sports betting, particularly nfl betting, our analysis reveals a golden nugget: There's an enticing opportunity in leaning towards the Cowboys' positive spread, especially if the Pats mount an early assault. The betting strategy? Place your faith in the Cowboys' moneyline and anticipate a total under 50.5 points, aligning with current nfl odds and nfl betting trends.

The smartwinbets Edge: Why Trust Us?

Our methodologies aren't just number play; they're rooted in principles widely revered in financial risk management. Each of our NFL picks is crafted to minimize risks while providing you with the highest probability outcomes. Our recent successes - a stellar 81% accuracy in week 3's picks and a bankroll surge of 17% - are testaments to our approach's efficacy.

September's Glittering Testimonials:

Let our successes speak for themselves. A peek into our NFL week 2 premium offerings for our valued clientele highlighted the Ravens' spread (+5.5) and a tailored under of 55.5 total points as potential goldmines.

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