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A pick is a recommendation that we provide for you to use in placing an NFL bet. A pick is synonymous with the words ‘play’, ‘tip’, ‘bet’ and ‘trade’ in the context of sports betting.

SmartWinBets stands as a premier hub for NFL enthusiasts seeking expert betting guidance. Our platform is committed to delivering data-driven insights and precise statistical forecasts for every twist and turn of the 2023 NFL season. Start leveraging from advanced technology.

Experience the power of predictive analysis with SmartWinBets.

Our predictions are backed by an advanced statistical model that runs over 1 million simulations for each  

a) Game Winner (Moneyline) outcome

b) OVER/UNDER outcome

c) QB yards outcome

every NFL week. 

This unbiased approach ensures reliable forecasts that guide our expert betting recommendations.

We offer three subscription tiers to cater to your preferences and budget:

Basic Subscription ($82 USD): Receive 10-12 guaranteed picks per month.

Standard Subscription ($147 USD): Enjoy 25-30 guaranteed picks per month.

Premier Subscription ($206 USD): Get 30-40 guaranteed picks per month, plus risk-managed bets from a financial portfolio theory perspective.

SmartWinBets stands out for several reasons:

  • Data-Driven Analysis: All our tips are derived from comprehensive statistical analysis, ensuring a completely unbiased approach.
  • Transparent Performance: We openly share our 2022 statistical model results, enabling you to assess our past performance. Explore the details here: https://www.smartwinbets.com/pages/why-we-dont-f.
  • Verified Bets: The bets we recommend are the same ones we place ourselves every NFL week. Follow our progress on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit via SmartWinBetsBank.
  • Our Premier subscribers enjoy a distinct advantage through our specialized expertise in financial and portfolio management. This empowers you to make well-informed bets.

Absolutely! We offer a free Telegram chat where both clients and non-clients receive 2-3 free NFL picks every week. It's our way of sharing valuable insights with the community. 

All subscribers, whether free or not, gain access to our picks through our Telegram chat. Stay informed and never miss out on our expert recommendations.

Trust is essential, and at SmartWinBets, we believe in transparency and innovation. We base our predictions on rigorous statistical analysis and provide easy access to our 2022 performance data. Our commitment to sharing insights and engaging with our community sets us apart.

Clients and non-clients alike can closely follow the performance of our Premier picks throughout the 2023 NFL Season. Updates will be available on our official Smart Win Bet Bank's social media platforms.

We offer one of the most cost-effective options in the market with a VERY low price per pick. Our model accurately predicted the outcomes of nearly 70% of games in 2022, making each pick an excellent value.

Our Premier package not only provides you with a substantial tailored-made number of guarantee picks but also offers the unique opportunity to place LIVE bets during the 2023 NFL regular season games.

Yes, our subscription prices are dynamic. If the model's predictive performance remains consistent, prices will remain stable. However, prices may adjust based on the model's success rate, ensuring you get the best value.

Good results – Higher prices

Bad results – Lower prices (We are in this together, join now!)

Our industry leadership stems from our meticulous approach. Your purchased picks will be available for your consideration at least 1 hour before each event starts.